What happens when I meditate?

So first thing you need to know, I don’t have a free-thought meditation.

First phase: thoughts, thoughts, thoughts

At first, my mind starts rushing with many thoughts like the things I’ll have to do this week or the upcoming bills or what I’m gonna eat for lunch…

Second phase: deep breathing

I take a deep breath and try to give my full attention to it by breathing slowwwwly.

Sometimes I count my inhalation to prevent my mind from thinking about stuff but eventually impulsive thoughts will arise again. And that’s okay.

Third phase: no judging

I don’t know if I’ll ever have a thought-free meditation but I’ve learned to not judge them.

As long as I’m conscious that they are only thoughts, meaning that I am the one observing them and thus I am not my thoughts, I’m satisfied with my session.

Fourth stage: feeling my body

One exercise I like to incorporate in my practice is to feel my body. Meaning to observe if I feel any tension in my forehead, jaw, shoulders, hands…

I tend to have tensed shoulders if I don’t pay attention. So all I do is to scan my body to notice if there’s any tension and if there is I’ll give my full attention to it and relax that body part.

Fifth and final phase: Affirmations and gratitude

Depending on how I feel during that meditation, I like to repeat to myself some of these affirmations:

  • I am exactly where I need to be
  • I am safe
  • I am guided
  • I am in control
  • I am strong
  • I am healthy

and express gratitude for the things I have in my life:

  • I am grateful for my family
  • I am grateful for my body
  • I am grateful for my life
  • I am grateful for my breath
  • I am grateful for my home

More about my meditation practice

  • I’m practicing on and off for five years.
  • I try to meditate every day for at least 10 minutes. But sometimes I’m just caught up in all the chores to do at home and taking care of Ellie… Although I know it’s just a bullshit excuse. That’s still a work in progress.
  • I meditate whenever I can: when I wake up, before and after a yoga session, when Ellie is next to me and watching some cartoons…
  • Sometimes I listen to some guided meditation on Youtube.
  • I usually sit on my yoga mat, on the bed or on a chair just like I did this morning.
  • I close my eyes and don’t use any candles or scented sticks.

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