We’ll find a way

I’m house-sitting for my brother’s for two weeks while he’s in Peru for holidays.

It reminds me of my trip there with Davidson two years ago. We barely knew each other, and although we already loved each other very much, we were feeling so insecure due to our past [failed] relationships.

Why would it be different now? Aren’t we just fooling ourselves? What if it’s not true love after all?

We didn’t know how and where we could live together. What we knew, though, is that we wanted to stay together. We would find a way no matter what happened.

And sure we did.

After two years, against all odds, we’re still together with a beautiful daughter. And they make my life complete in so many ways I could never have imagined.

To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and to be loved is everything.

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