About quitting your job and traveling the world

When you decide to quit your job to travel the world, at first it’s very exciting. You think about the landscapes you’re gonna see or the food you’re gonna taste for the first time of your life.

But then, many questions arise in your mind like:

What’s gonna be my budget? Where will I go? For how long? What should I bring? What about health insurance? And then what?

Suddenly, it doesn’t seem like a great idea after all. Too many decisions to make. Too much change. Too much uncertainty and unknown. Just too much everything.

And what about my friends and family?

Traveling the world is a great adventure. Yes, it can be dangerous, and yes, you can run out of money. Also, it can be [very] lonely.

I didn’t really know what to expect from my trip. For sure it had a big impact in my life, and I can feel I’m a better person now than I was before.

Less drama, less worrying. More joy, more living in the Now.

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