Update on my tripod headstand

Yesterday I found the courage to try doing the tripod headstand again. And although I’m comfortable with the traditional headstand using forearms, this tripod version feels scary to me.

When I first tried it a couple of weeks ago, I was afraid to fall even though I was leaning against the wall. I know… how silly is that?

This time around, I tried using a pillow for my head first so I could focus on something else than endlessly repeating to myself, “OMG! I’m gonna break my head!”

And I believe it helped because I was able to fully extend my legs three times. My lucky number!

So after these successful attempts, I decided to give it a try without the extra cushion and… voilà!

Though I’m still scared, I’m happy I practiced this pose regardless of my fear. I know that with time and practice, it will fade away.

My next step is to try without the wall. Wish me luck!

Happy Sunday all!

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