Update on my pregnancy: Two months to go

How time flies 😵

In two months we’ll be welcoming a new baby in our family.

Ellie understands now that she has a baby sister growing in my belly. And just recently she started to put a ball under her dress and pretend she’s pregnant like Mommy. How cute 😂❣️

How do I feel?

Compared to my first pregnancy, I’m feeling more in shape, meaning that I’m not out of breath after walking 2 meters 😅

I’m definitely more active now than I used to be thanks to my yoga practice and my walking sessions when I go to the supermarket.

I’m not sure if I hit the recommended 2h30 of weekly exercises though. I’m probably closer to 2h/week, which is still a win for me 💪

About my weight

My current weight is 57.3kg (checkup done on January 13th). On my first check-up in August, I was at 52kg.

It would be great if I can keep my weight under 60kg, otherwise it will be difficult for me to move around 😫

When I was pregnant of Ellie I was over 63kg towards the end of my pregnancy and it would take me so much effort just to get out of bed or to climb up the stairs 😭😂

Do I have any symptoms?

I can feel I’m more tired these days so I’m taking it easy on the chores and doing more meditation to calm my mind.

My belly also started to itch lately. I’m putting some cream to hydrate it and now it feels better.

And one last annoying thing that I have is heartburn, especially when I want to sleep after eating. I need to either sleep seated or wait until the food comes down to lay down.

How’s my diet?

I start my day with a cup of coffee and either a piece of cake (homemade 🥰) or two slices of bread with butter and jam.

Then a couple of hours later I’ll have a banana shake 🥤

For lunch, I eat egg fried rice with lots of veggies or a big salad, for example.

For snacks, it can be cake or fruits with a cup of honey/lime tea.

And in the evening I barely eat unless I’m hungry for some meat. In that case, I’ll eat with Davidson (because he’s a big meat-lover).

How’s baby #2?

She’s moving so much now.

I can feel when she has hiccups, which is cute 🥰

And just like Ellie, she likes to dance in my belly when I’m laying down and trying to get some sleep.

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