Update on my pregnancy: 37 weeks

Insomnia, heartburn and false contractions… 😵

And on top of that, I caught a cold which makes it harder for me to breathe properly, especially before going to sleep.

I wake up at least once every night to go to pee. Then most of the times it takes me at least one hour to get back to sleep.

I eat less especially after 5PM because otherwise I have acid reflux. Few days ago I ate late (8PM) then went to bed at 9PM. I couldn’t sleep until 4AM because of acid kept moving up to my throat. It was very annoying and almost made me want to puke.

During my last check-up (February 15), I was weighing 60kg. So I took 3kg in a month 😱 But I don’t feel like I’m eating more. Must be the baby putting on some weight during these last weeks of pregnancy.

Overall, I’m feeling exhausted and scared about the birth and the after birth pains. But well… there’s no turning back at this point, so I’ll suck it up 😂

This coming Saturday is full moon day. Apparently more babies are born during a full moon… 🤔

Let’s see 😁

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