Update on my pregnancy: 35 weeks

I’m starting to have insomnia at night.

Especially after waking up around 2AM to go to pee 😴

I’m not having leg cramps anymore. Maybe because I’m practicing more yoga, approximately 20min in average 6 days out of 7. And I’m drinking more water too.

My hands are numb after waking up in the morning. I need to stretch to allow the blood to flow more evenly in my body.

I’m walking like a penguin 🐧 and I’m as slow as a turtle 🐢 I think I’m cute 🤣

I still have shortness of breath and it will probably stay like this until I give birth.

As for my diet, I’m fasting for 12 hours with my last meal being very light around 6PM. It helps with the heartburn at night. At first, I’d get hungry around 9PM but now I got used to it.

Overall, I’m feeling great.

I’m starting to get scared though about the birth. But I read it’s normal at this stage to be nervous. It’s a mixed feeling between fear and excitement 😱😄

All I want if for a safe delivery and a healthy baby (and a healthy me of course 😊).

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