Just a reminder

I have a great life but more often than not I forget about it.

Yes, we still live paycheck after paycheck and I think twice before buying something that’s over R$ 50.

Last thing I wanted to buy was a kit to drink chimarrão.

After 3 years living in Brazil, I’ve tried a couple of times chimarrão during family reunion. I like the taste but I found it was served too hot. And since you share it with other people, I always felt the pressure to finish fast. I’d end up burning my lips and tongue to pass the cuia to the next person.


The bomba, cuia and the erva mate costed around R$ 70. I didn’t want to buy it because I thought it was expensive. But when I talked to Davidson about it, he told me that actually it’s cheap since I only have to buy the bomba and the cuia once. And I was like “hum… He’s right”. So the next time I went to the supermarket I bought it. I still had second thoughts but I kept repeating to myself “it’s an investment for the long-term, you can buy it. Don’t be afraid”.

Now, I can finally drink chimarrão at the right temperature for me which is between 65-70°C. And I don’t have to share it since Davidson only wants coffee ☺️

During the week, I enjoy my morning walk with Amy and the ride on the bike with Davidson.

I also enjoy the fact that if I want I don’t need to work in the afternoon. I can work only in the morning for a couple of hours.

I can go to the supermarket in the morning when it’s not crowded.

In the afternoon, I can bake something for snacks (with some interruptions here and there because of the kids but that’s part of the game of being a mom).

At night, it’s often chaotic before getting the kids to sleep but they usually fall asleep between 8 and 9PM.

On Sundays, I enjoy our walk to the street market. And I also enjoy the lunch we prepare: homemade burger buns with contra-filé, arugula and grated beets 😋

If I focus only on the negative things in my life, I’ll find more and more of them. But if I filter them out and focus only on the positive things, then I’ll find more and more of them as well. It doesn’t mean that I pretend that my life is perfect. I know it’s not and I know it never will be. It just means that I choose to be grateful for what I have.

I have a great life. I just forget how great it actually is.

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