I finally found my passion

On my quest to find myself, I thought that life coaching was my passion. I had big plans for it but none of them worked out. Over time, I became so obsessed about finding my passion that one day I just broke down and stopped trying so hard.

And do you know when people say that you only find what you want when you stop looking for it?

Well, in my case that’s what happened.

At first, it started with life coaching. I was really into personal development and thought that I could help people achieve their dreams but… Nah.

I realized it wasn’t my cup of tea after all.

Then, later on, I tried many other things: photography editing, calligraphy, crochet, and writing. I even considered creating my own jewelry or DIY cosmetics.

Among all of these ideas, I really thought that writing was my passion.

I convinced myself that was it, you know, because I think that, unconsciously, I was afraid to admit to myself that after 3 years on this quest, I still had no clue whatsoever about my passion.

So I stuck to writing.

I even released a book on Amazon, then tried to write another one, but I was always struggling so much.

I know that you always suck when you start something new, but I just really didn’t enjoy the process. So after trying for a few weeks, I abandoned the idea before giving it another chance a few months later and giving up yet again.

But I didn’t stop easily.

Before I completely dismissed writing as my passion, I convinced myself that I enjoyed writing haikus and short poems in general.

Of course, it didn’t last long before I gave up again.

At that point, I just didn’t care anymore about finding my passion. All I wanted was to enjoy my life and stop consuming myself on this never-ending quest.

And well… was it pure coincidence or not? Around that same period, that’s when I got serious into practicing yoga after hurting my left knee during a running session with a friend.

The more I practiced, the more I wanted to learn more about it. So I would watch many YouTube videos and follow yoga accounts on IG until I recorded my own practice and share them on my account.

Of course, I sucked at many poses. But unlike writing, I was feeling challenged. Every day I would wake up wanting to learn more and putting as many hours as I could, practicing one asana over and over again.

After a couple of months practicing every day, it was quite obvious that I really enjoyed yoga, but I was still afraid to say it out loud. Because maybe I was wrong again…

So it took me a while before wrapping it up around my head and finding the courage to say, “Yes, I love yoga. And yes, it is my passion.”

I’m still amazed by the fact that I finally found my passion. I thought it just wasn’t for me and that I was being a fool for even trying.

But in the end, I’m glad I kept giving up and trying new things.

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