Here’s how much we spent for our last days in Penang

We were planning to stay in Penang until the end of our 3-month visa in Malaysia, which was November 7th. But an opportunity to work for 2 months in Myanmar showed up on October 6th while I was promoting our Marketing class for October 14th.

It all happened super fast!

As I’m writing this (October 17th), I’m here in Ngapali 🙂

Here’s the first sunset of our new adventure:

If it’s your first time reading one of my blog post, here’s a quick heads up:

My boyfriend Davidson and I left Paris on June 15th for a 6-month trip in Asia. We had enough savings until September. So yeah, it’s risky but we took the leap anyway.

So far, we’re not bankrupt yet!

October 8th

  • Indian food: 22.60 MYR we ate at Kapitan Restoran
  • Dinner: 11.50 MYR we ate at CF food court

Total cost: 34.10 MYR (8.53€)

October 9th

  • Fried chicken: 15 MYR @CF food court

Total cost: 15MYR (3.75€)

October 10th

  • Lunch: 14.50 MYR @ CF Food Court
  • Indian food: 18 MYR @ Mustapha Restoran

Total cost: 32.50MYR (8.13€)

October 11th

  • Grocery: 18.30 MYR we bought eggs, bread and instant coffee 
  • 2 pork buns: 4 MYR
  • Cendol drink: 2.20 MYR
  • Wan tan noodles: 4.50 MYR
  • Coca-cola: 2.10 MYR

Total cost: 31.10 MYR (7.78€)

October 12th

  • Lunch: 14.50 MYR @ CF food court
  • Dinner at Deen Maju: 0 (offered by a friend)
  • One way bus ticket from Penang to Kuala Lumpur: 38 MYR Davidson couldn’t do a business visa on arrival, so he had to do his visa with an agency in Kuala Lumpur. I’ll talk more about that on a next article.

Total cost: 52.50MYR (13.13€)

October 13th

  • Flip flop: 16MYR on his way from KL Sentral to Everfine agency, Davidson broke his flip flop 😀
  • Business visa for Myanmar: 203 MYR
  • Mcdonald’s: 15.50MYR
  • Bus from KL to Penang: 38.50 MYR
  • Grab car: 16 MYR Davidson overslept in the bus. So he had to grab a car to arrive at the hostel. At first he tried a taxi, but the driver said it was 45 MYR! Even more expensive than a bus from KL to Penang. So he called a Grab car 🙂

Total cost: 297MYR (74.25€)

October 14th

  • 2 portion of chicken rice: 8 MYR @ CF food court
  • Grocery: 40.90 MYR bought shampoo, soap, gel, snacks, batteries
  • Laundry: 13 MYR last laundry before heading to Myanmar
  • Haircut: 30 MYR @ Son’s & barber, best customer service for a haircut 🙂
  • Grab car: 18 MYR from Sim CityStay to Peaberry for our last Marketing class!
  • Cake: 8.90 MYR @ Peaberry cafe
  • 2 burgers: 9 MYR a stall just outside Peaberry
  • Beers: 10 MYR @ Antarabangsa, cheapest beer ever (in Penang ^^)

Total cost: 137.80 MYR (34.45€)

Total cost for the week

Total cost: 600 MYR (150€)

Average per day: 85.71 MYR (21.43€)

The previous week we spent less than 200 MYR. You can check the details here.

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