Craving for chocolate chip muffins

I don’t really enjoy cooking but when it comes to sweet things, I’m all in 😋

Yesterday I tried this muffin recipe from Preppy Kitchen and it was a success 🎉

I’ll definitely try it again with more chocolate chips. The package I had was 100g, not enough to fill one measuring cup 😅

Also I don’t know if the muffin tins in Brazil are smaller than in US but I still had some dough left after filling up the 12 tins.

So in the end, I had 12 huge muffins then 3 little ones I’ve baked in a second batch in cupcake silicon mold. I definitely prefered the first batch because when it’s just fresh out of the oven you have that crispy edge and the inside is so fluffy 😍

Yum yum muffins 😋😍
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April 9, 2021 10:37 am

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