Back in 2013

I had decided that I wanted to live in another country. At that time, my focus was on the US. But before making the move there, I wanted to have traveled in 25 countries before the end of my 25th birthday.

I think I had 12 or 13 countries left to travel within a year. It was a fun period for me and in the end I had traveled in 26 countries 3 months before hitting 26yo. I was proud but then it didn’t last long because…

  • Few days later I had arthritis on my left foot (the one I’m standing on in that picture) which led me to a mild depression and to not being able to walk properly for a year and
  • I also realized that what matters is not the end goal. It’s the journey. If you learn to be grateful for what you have, you’ve already won.

Note to self: Life is unpredictable. Learn to appreciate every moment ❤️✨

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