A bad decision with a good outcome doesn’t make it a good decision

I’ve made many stupid decisions in the past that I’m not proud of.

But when I look back at the chain of events they caused, I’m glad I’ve made them.

I believe it was meant to be that way.

And how do I know that? Simply because they happened.

And also because there’s no way I can change the past or know what could’ve been.

Some events don’t make sense sometimes but I believe they all happen for a reason.

For example, if it was not for my arthritis, maybe I would’ve stayed in France and made my life there. Maybe I’d be divorced and maybe I’d have stayed at my job.

Who knows?

The thing is it doesn’t matter because that’s not what happened.

All I know is, regardless of my good or bad decisions, I’m happy with how things are today.

And that’s what really matter.

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