You’re wrong

If you decide to do something considered uncommon for normal people, then you’re wrong.

There’s no point on trying to explain your decision, they won’t listen to you. And if they do, they’ll just pick up some words here and there and say something that’s making nonsense just to prove you that tada!… You’re wrong again.

Yet, don’t be mad at them. All they wanna do is to protect you because they love you. They’re afraid you’re gonna get hurt and they want to prevent you from any disappointments.

And maybe they’re right. Maybe you’re gonna get hurt and disappointed when following your own path but if you feel deep down in your heart, in your guts, that’s the right thing to do then, by all means, do it.

And yes, you’ll probably get hurt and disappointed (believe me, I’ve been there) but most of all, you’ll feel alive.

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