Welcome to Angkor Inter Fitness, my new favorite gym in Siem Reap

This morning, my boyfriend and I decided to try the new fitness gym called « Angkor Inter Fitness ». The place is located not far from our hostel, Adan World Hostel, and is actually on our way to the café Common Grounds where we spend most of our afternoons working on our laptops.

We first saw the gym on our first day in Siem Reap. We were exploring the city to check basic stuff like markets, café or coworking spaces and gyms.

Before arriving to Siem Reap, I checked gyms on Internet and I saw that there were only 2 (without counting gyms included in hotels):

Mr Ly

The entrance fee is 1$. The equipment is very old, no aircon and no treadmills which is mainly the machine I’m using. I don’t wanna build a body like a bodybuilder. Just wanna work cardio and my breathing.

For those interested, there is a boxing ring and you can have a personal trainer for 5$/day.

Mr Ly is at 5min walking distance from Adan World Hostel.

Angkor Muscle Gym

The entrance fee is 1$. The equipment is old, no aircon and they have treadmills but it’s not included in the price. If you wanna use a treadmill you have to pay 1500 Riels for 10min.

Angkor Muscle Gym is located at 10-15mn from Pub street.

When we were in Chiang Mai, we used to go (almost) every morning and, for sure, the one we’ve been to is no comparison to Mr Ly and Angkor Muscle Gym.

I gotta admit that I was kinda less motivated to go to the gym now.

But then, to our surprise, when checking the café Common Grounds on our first day in Siem Reap on July 14th, we found out that there was a brand new fitness opening:

Angkor Inter Fitness

And actually, we got lucky because it opened on July 15th.

It’s only today that we’ve been able to try the gym (yeah we were sick 🙁 ).

Here are some basic information:

Entrance fee

  • $5/day (first day for free!)
  • $40 (10-day pass)
  • $50/month
  • $140/3 months
  • $250/6 months
  • $480/year

They provide towels and lockers.

You have a changing room, bathrooms, showers and a sauna.

You can also ask for advice to a personal trainer.

They have classes (no extra charge): yoga, body slim, … For now, they don’t have a regular schedule but you can check on their Facebook page.

As for the equipment, everything is brand new. And the treadmills don’t require an extra charge like in Angkor Muscle Gym.

A lady working there told us that they were still waiting for more equipment. But basically, if you go there now, I’m pretty sure you can work out any muscle you want ^^

Plus, they have aircon and free wifi.

There are still some people finishing some work inside the gym like painting, lights…

Overall, the experience was awesome!

We’ll come back there for sure and I totally recommend it for women who, like me, just wanna run 🙂

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