Travel diary #9: No strings attached

Back in June, when I started my trip in Asia, I thought I wanted the digital nomad lifestyle: working online and traveling at the same time.

Now, 5 months later, I realized that it’s not for me.

I learned that I’m more in between the expat and the digital nomad lifestyle. I prefer to stay in a city and live like a local and not necessarily check all the touristy attractions. I find this more appealing for me, to discover a new culture, to taste new dishes and to meet new people.

I like to take my time to feel as if I was born there and find myself a new routine that will bring me to buy fresh fruits at the market or to just sip a cup of coffee in a cafe shop.

I guess what I love about this lifestyle is that I feel in control. If I don’t like a city or even a country, I know I can move somewhere else.

I have no strings attached anyway.

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