Sad but liberating

There are some people you like who you’ve always liked, and there are people who you used to like but don’t anymore. There are also people you like now that you used to dislike, and there are people you dislike who you’ve always disliked.

Sometimes feelings change, sometimes they don’t. You like someone today, tomorrow you may dislike her. You dislike someone today, tomorrow you may like her. It depends if she changes her behavior.

Sometimes it’s you who is disliked by someone you care about. You wish she liked you, but she doesn’t.

Sometimes you can do something about it. You can win her over with persistence, patience, and love.

But sometimes you can’t do anything. There are some people who disliked you who will never like you no matter what you say or do. It’s simply impossible to win them over.

It’s sad…

…but also liberating.

Because if nothing you can do will make her like you, then you are free to do whatever the hell you want.

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