Move on or keep trying

How do you know when it’s time to move on or to keep trying?

When you’re in a relationship for more than a year and always fighting over the same thing, how do you know if you should break up or not? Or when you decide to start your own business, how do you know when your product or service is never gonna work and that you should switch your focus?

From my own experience, I realized that if you keep trying to adapt to the situation but nothing good happens, then you better remove yourself from it. But the thing is…

It’s hard to let go

Because you’ve got attached to that relationship or that business. You’ve invested so much time in it that letting go is not an option for you, otherwise, you’d feel empty. As if a part of you had died. So you keep holding on with the hope that someday it’s gonna work. Although deep down you know that this day might actually never come.

Sometimes the best solution is to quit. But are you ready for it?


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