It’s never the right time

You have a project in mind and though you’d love to make it happen, in your mind it’s not the right time: you’re too young, not have enough experience, not enough money, …

Time passes by, and still it’s not the right time because you’re renovating your house, you’re having a new baby, you have debts, … And it can go on and on until you’re too old for doing new stuff.

It’s easy to find excuses to NOT do things. Because what happens if you start doing?


And although it’s unconscious, you despise change. What comes through your mind when you think of it?

I’d guess that for a majority of people, change is scary and means a lot of trouble. No wonder why most people are stuck before even starting a new project. The idea of change is so negative in their mind that their instinct tells them to not get involved to any new projects.

There will never be a right time until you decide it so.

The right time to start is now, no matter how small the task is. For example, it can be updating your resume to get a new job or start saving some money every month to travel around the world for one year.

Now it’s the time to start doing. No more time for excuses.

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