How many opportunities are you missing?

By waiting and doing nothing except allowing yourself to believe that you don’t have enough time or that you’re too old or enough experienced (and etc.), how many opportunities are you missing to actually achieve your current desire?

Maybe you’re like me and what’s stopping you from taking action is that whenever you think about that goal you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to do.

I’m familiar to this kind of situation and actually last time it happened was last night. I was making a research and one click after another I read articles that brought even more questions into my mind without even answering the ones I had in the first place. And this morning, instead of continuing my insane research, I decided to let it go and came to the conclusion that there was no point on worrying about stuff that haven’t happened yet.

But what will happen when they will?

When the moment will come, I’ll deal with it, like I always did, and find a way to make things happen.

Opportunities come when you’re on the right mindset.

If you’re too busy thinking you can’t make it happen because of this or that, then opportunities won’t knock at your door.

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