How about going barefoot?

Have you ever heard about Lagoinha do Leste?

Well, for me the answer was no.

See, when I decided to travel to South America I didn’t want to be bothered with a travel guidebook. Simply because I’d get frustrated with all the things I haven’t had the time or the money to do.

I’ve been to Floripa because I met that Australian girl in São Paulo who wanted to go there before heading to the Iguazu falls. And since I wanted to go to Iguazu as well, we decided to go together in Floripa. As simple as that ^^

I sent a message to a guy from Alaska I met during my stay at Walk On The Beach Hostel in Rio because I knew he would be in Iguazu around the same time. And it happens that when we arrived in Floripa, he was in the same hostel ^^ What a small world!

One morning he asked me:

Whit: – Hey do you wanna check out that beach in the south? It’s a 2h trekking to get there though.
Me: – Wouldn’t it be muddy? Do I have to wear my tennis shoes or the trekking ones?
Whit: – How about going barefoot?
Me: – Hum… what?! ^^

Let the adventure begins!


Getting ready!


Buying bottles of water in the supermarket and eating some açai.


Let’s hit the road with 1h of bus ride until Pantaño do Sul!


And the trek begins!


Are we there yeeeeeet?


Almost there! I can see the beach 🙂


Finally!! We found the best post at the beach: next to the Caipirinha bar! (where actually I bought a coconut ^^)


Going back to Pântano do Sul by boat for R$ 30. Didn’t feel like doing the trek again ^^

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