For me, it doesn’t come naturally to think about myself first. By default, I’m thinking about what would please other people, although I know it should be the other way around. If I don’t pay enough attention, I lose myself in the process, and I feel frustrated and sad.

Nowadays, to avoid any frustration, I’m learning to allow myself some me time. Like writing on my blog or my diary, pampering myself with some creams and skin or hair masks (which is something totally new for me), wearing makeup whenever I go out, having some naps in the afternoon, reading books…

I would always say I didn’t have time for any of this stuff, but that’s just not true. It was not my priority to take care of myself. But now I know that if I’m broken inside, helping others won’t help me getting better.

Filling that void doesn’t come from the outside, it really comes from the inside.

And this is something I remind myself every day.

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