About postponing

There’s always that thing you keep postponing for ages. Like learning how to play piano, creating your own blog, or running a marathon.

In my case, I always wanted to learn piano. Or at least that’s what I wanted when I was about 10. My mom would teach me some songs. Sometimes my cousin. For many years, I thought I still wanted to play piano, and I even told myself I’d buy a keyboard once I’d have my own place to learn on my own.

But I never did. And even when living at my parents, where there’s a piano, I’ve never played it seriously.

I realized not so long ago that, actually, there’s no need to postpone it because the truth is: I don’t wanna play piano anymore. I used to want it but now my priorities have changed.

And so have I.

If you keep postponing it, maybe it means it’s time to let it go and to find new challenges.

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