1 week postpartum

I’m recovering slowly but surely 😊

  • My breasts were able to produce milk on day 2.
  • I was afraid of the pain you feel when your uterus shrinks down when breastfeeding but I actually felt nothing. I don’t know if it’s normal though. I read that it should be more painful than the first pregnancy. I surely did feel it with Ellie the first time around.
  • My feet went back to normal size on day 7.
  • Stitches hurt sometimes when I sneeze or laugh too hard.
  • I’m able to walk but still kinda slow.
  • I look like I’m 6 months pregnant.
  • Mentally speaking, I’m in a better place compared to my first pregnancy with Ellie. This second c-cut was not a complete surprise so I had time to prepare myself for it. And since I’ve been through it already, I knew what to expect.
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