Privacy Policy

Last updated: March 2016

Every serious website have a Privacy Policy. The problem is: generally, they use a complicated language to explain what they do with your personal data, so you can’t understand it, or at least get bored and stop reading it right at the beginning.

What about making things a little different? We are going to explain you our privacy policy using regular vocabulary, like if I was talking to you in person.

Way better, huh? Let’s go then.

First of all, this site use cookies

Cookies are files that are stored in your computer which contains some variable information about you and your browsing habits. That information is then accessed by our partners, like Facebook and Google, so they can understand what are your interests and show you the right kind of advertising.

Have you ever wondered why, after accessing some website promoting a product, you suddenly start to see advertising about it on Facebook, Google and lots of other websites? That’s right, because of cookies!

So, cookies allow us to show our advertising only for the people who are really interested in our content. It’s a way to avoid bothering people with unrelated advertising.

If you are uncomfortable with this and don’t want these cookies to be stored in your computer, you have two options:

  1. Disable them entirely in your browser, so no website can use cookies in your computer. You’ll need to find out how to do it in your browser;
  2. Use incognito (or private) mode in your browser to access this website. When in incognite mode, no cookies are stored and your privacy are safe.

About personal information you give to us

Sometimes we will offer free and paid services and products that require you to give us some of your personal information like name, email or address to get access to them.

In those cases, we will keep your information safe with us and we will use them only for the original purpose we asked for it. We will never, under any circumnstances, share, give, rent or sell that data to others.

By navigating through this website to consume its content you automatically agree with our Privacy Policy and all of its terms.

If you still have any doubt about our privacy policy, get in touch and ask us your questions, we will be more than happy to clarify your concerns.