Why do you care about what your competitors think?

Days ago, I was working in a website for one of my clients, and was having a bad time to implement a feature.

At one point, a perfect solution for the problem popped out inside my head. But there was a downside: the solution required me to write code that I thought it was not beautiful or elegant.

For a second, I started to imagine what other web designers would think if they saw my code.

Then, it hit me:

Why the hell am I worried with what other web designers would think about my code?

Like, really: I’m being paid by my customers to create a website that works. Why would I give a fuck about what other web designers think about my code? They are not my customers…they’re my competitors!

In the end, my code worked, the website was fast, and when I showed it to the client, he loved it.

Later, while thinking about this, I realized something. the vast majority of professionals out there are worried with the opinion of other professionals like them. Not with the opinion of their clients.

And that explains why most Marketing strategies and advertising suck

You must have realized that I almost never publish technical content here. As I write this post, I have only one post published under the Tech Wizardry category.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll realize that I don’t share technical tips there neither, just my routine and marketing tips.


Because I create content for entrepreneurs who want to hire a web designer to build a website for them.

And they are not searching for technical tips about web design.

Entrepreneurs who want to hire a web designer to build a website for them want to see the websites I’ve made. They want me to be likable. They want me to give some evidence that they can trust me.

And that’s what I’ll give them.

And you, are you creating content for your potential customers or for your competitors?