Ignorance is not a bliss, you’re just not aware

I often hear people saying “ignorance is a bliss”. This is often said by people who consider themselves to be smart and enlightened about uneducated people who are happy and enjoy simple things in life.

I was one of those.

Not so long ago, I published on 9gag a confession bear meme saying something like:

“I wish I was dumb, so I could be happy”.

At the time, I was convinced that it was just impossible to be happy if you were smart and enlightened, because knowledge open our eyes and makes us see the world “the way it is” — not beautiful. I thought that only uneducated and naive people could enjoy simple things in life, because they were blind to the reality, like living in the Matrix.

Thankfully, I realized that I was just not aware. Happiness is a choice. There are uneducated people who are sad, and there are educated people who are happy. Both of them have made a choice.

If you believe you’re not happy because you’re enlightened, you’re unaware. You need to wake up.

We don’t live in a shitty world that happens to have some good here and there: we live in a wonderful world that happens to have some shit here and there.

Originally published on Medium: https://medium.com/@davidsonpaulo/